Here’s what we’re looking for in an article Write for Us:

Write for Us Mail to Publish your articles [email protected]


We do not publish content that has already been published elsewhere. Google does not like duplicate content, and we do not like to be your second choice.


We are looking for well-researched, in-depth articles that are at least 1500 words long. In fact, best articles are usually at least 2000 words long. We want more of them.

Actionable tips

We want practical tips and takeaways that our readers can use. That being said, use theory, research and science to support your claim and make your article more comprehensive. Always add links to reputable sources that back up what you’re saying.

Write for Us Real-life examples

Share your experiences and use examples to help readers understand the subject better. In most cases, it will be your experience and unique perspectives that will add the greatest value to your article.

Logical structure

Pay attention to the structure and make sure your thought flow is easy to follow. Each article should have an introduction, main part and conclusion. When writing, always explain why you are referring to a particular idea or concept, and how it helps you answer the suggested questions in the title.

Reader-friendly formatting

We’re looking for articles that can be easily scanned – short paragraphs, clear titles, sub-headings, bullet lists, images, etc. In the best case, the reader just needs to learn the main ways by reading the headings.

Proper grammar

Use Grammarly (it’s free!), Ask your friend, or hire a freelance proofreader to edit your article before submitting it to us.

Please, do not pitch:

  • Topics that have already been covered on our blog before
  • Anything that is too promotional
  • Articles whose only purpose is to get a backlink
  • General “how to be more productive” type of articles
  • Superficial “best apps” type of listicles – if you want to write such an article, make sure you review min. 50 apps and add lots of details

Consider These When You Write for Us

  • We have decided to open up to guest postings to allow our readers and entrepreneurs to build their brand. So we prefer to work with real people, not with SEO agencies. Please know a little better before sending us your article. Follow us on our social media channels and share our other articles. This will greatly increase your chances of being published.
  • ***Link your submitted post to any other post on your site.
  • We get 50-100 deposits per month. So avoid sending emails asking if your article is being published. If we select your article, you will hear from us.

The page is a bit long and the requirements are a bit stiff, but we think spam deposits need to be reduced. Looking forward to writing something nice. If we think this is the right fit, we will contact you to discuss the next steps and what we need to publish your post.

Write for Us  and Mail to Publish your articles [email protected]