Slab leaks occur when water lines running below a concrete floor or foundation develop a leak. This is common in houses built on concrete in regions of unstable soil. There are ways to detect slab leaks and any homeowner should know these, whether you’re living in Escondido or San Marcos.

Warning signs of a slab leak

An increase in your water bill

Track of your monthly water bills.In the event that you get a bizarrely high bill and you haven’t been utilizing overabundance water, at that point you have a hole. If you cannot detect a leak within your home then it is likely a slab leak.  

Low water pressure

When you have a leak, less water runs through the pipes thereby reducing the water pressure. This is because water is escaping from the leak in the pipe. If you suddenly notice a decrease in water pressure and there is no obvious leak then it is a slab leak. Immediately contact slab leak repair service Escondido and San Marcos to identify the location of the leak.

Water stains on your floor

In many cases, water from a slab leak can only go up. This leads to water stains on your floor and in worst cases you floor becomes wet. The extent of damage depends on the type of flooring you have. Carpets appear darker in wet spots then in other areas. Hardwood floors warp due to water damage. Damaged flooring will need to be replaced which can become quite expensive.

Presence of an unpleasant smell

As water leaks into the floor, an unpleasant odour may be present. This is because of mould and mildew begin to grow due to the moisture under your flooring and in your carpets. Mould growth can also be observed on the walls. If you observe a must odor coming from your floors then start inspecting for a slab leak. As this is a serious issue, contact slab water leak repair San Marcos and Escondido to have your home check for leaks.

Sounds of running water

If you hear running water and the water is not on in your home then turn off all the faucets and pay attention to the floor. If the sound of water flowing is heard through your floor, then you probably have a slab leak.

Effects of slab leaks

Running water from slab leaks can adversely affect the building foundation. As the soil below a slab erodes due to the running water, more strain is put on the slab causing it to weaken and eventually collapse. Once the foundation is damaged, homeowners may begin to notice cracks developing in the walls. They will also notice damage cause due to the growth of fungi and mould.     

Slab Leak Repair

Average slab water leak repair San Marcos cost $150 – $400. However plumbers may charger $2000 to rep concrete and fix a damaged pipe. Slab leak repair service Escondido also roughly charge the same about. The prices vary depending on the location of the leaky pipe.

Final thoughts

Slab leaks cause significant damage to your home, ruining carpets and the floor. Furthermore, moisture causes mold and mildew damage. To prevent all the detrimental effects of slab leaks it is essential to identify them as soon as possible. 

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