Enjoying high-quality calling with low rates is every caller’s dreamVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology helps to make quality international calls at the lowest possible rates. VoIP is distinct from internet telephony (sometimes called internet phone service). With internet telephony, you dial a regular telephone number, and the call is routed over the internet.

VoIP technology has revolutionized the communication industry. VoIP services are a great choice for individuals and businesses that want a cost-effective, reliable way to communicate effectively, and for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

How VoIP / Internet Voice Works

Known as a voice-over-internet protocol, VoIP has an innovative and efficient way of connecting people throughout the world. The voice audio signals are converted into data packets which then travel down the internet to the desired destination just like pictures or text. This traveling of sound signals happens instantly as the data is routed through private and public internet networks. Any mobile or landline compatible with the internet allows VoIP calling.

How is VoIP different than the traditional phone system?

When a caller uses a landline for making international calls, the landline rents the wired circuit to put through the call overseas. VoIP-based calling apps, on the other hand, use an internet connection for international calls and don’t need a wired line. All of this means that unlimited calling worldwide becomes much easy and cheap!

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

VoIP telephones are of two types namely software-based and hardware-based.

Software-based IP Phones

Also called softphones, they have software clients installed on mobile devices or computers. Such a phone resembles a telephone handset having a caller ID and a touchpad. For making calls, usually, a headset with a microphone connects to the mobile phone or computer. Many times, smartphones and computers have a built-in speaker and microphone which allows the users to make calls without the need for any extra equipment.

Hardware-based VoIP Phones

Such VoIP phones look like cordless telephones or traditional hard-wired phones and include features like a microphone, speaker, caller ID display, and a touchpad. VoIP phones also allow call transfer, call conferencing, and voicemail.

If I have VoIP service, who can I call?

What use is a calling app if it doesn’t give you the freedom to call people and places of your choice? Well. With Slickcall, rest assured that the thing is sorted. Slickcall is one of those few apps that allows you to enjoy global unlimited call services so staying connected is in no way a problem now. Call anywhere at any time!

What are Some Advantages of VoIP?

VoIP has some crazy benefits for everyone using them:

Low international rates

The calling charges are much less as compared to the traditional phone bills. One of the best apps providing VoIP-based international calling services includes Slickcall.

HD quality sound

Voice is less fuzzy or muffled as the data is not compressed. The crystal-clear voice quality makes VoIP international calling substantially better than either standard telephone or cellular phone service.

Impressive features

VoIP service providers for international calling like Slickcall provide a range of features that can come in handy for anyone looking for quality calls. The app allows you to record your calls, send messages and transfer money to people.

Increases productivity

With VoIP, voice is treated like any other data which means that users can exchange any kind of data from voice messages to photos and documents. International calling for worldwide using VoIP also allows businesses to conduct videoconferences and share data during virtual meetings which makes VoIP an ideal choice especially during the pandemic.

How Do I Know If I have a VoIP phone Call?

A call made using a VoIP-based calling app is received by the recipient of the call just like a normal call made on the local network. Also, the receiver of the call does not need any special phone to receive the call. The call can be easily received on any landline or mobile phone even if the internet is not available.

Making international calls can be expensive especially with traditional telephony. However, VoIP-based calling apps like Slickcall can help you stay connected through high-quality calling with low rates. Download the app today! Available on both Google Play Store and the App Store.

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