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Reasons Your Custom Packaging Boxes Are Broken (And How to Fix It)

When thinking about which packaging to get, you need to concentrate on selecting the one that is sturdy. One of the most important functions of custom packaging boxes is to keep the product safe. If it is not able to do this, an attractive design will not allure shoppers towards the product. If your boxes break, you may be making some mistakes when creating them.

Importance of packaging

If you own a business, you will know that your products require a safe enclosure that will keep them protected. When you buy boxes in bulk, you should look for the ones that will be able to keep your products safe. Packaging is also able to market and advertise items in a store. This is when the brand focuses on designing attractive and eye-catching packaging. They do some research that finds out who the target audience is, according to this, the box is designed. Box designs can increase brand awareness as well. When a logo is printed on packaging, it can help consumers know which products are from a certain brand. It is important to design packaging carefully keeping some points in mind if you want it to fulfill all of its aims. When boxes are designed well, they can stand out in front of the competition and attract those consumers who want to buy the product.

Why packaging can break and how to fix it?

The following are 3 reasons why your custom packaging may be broken and how to fix this:
  1. Choosing weak packaging material
Packaging suppliers like Boxes Inc or any other, should be able to tell you which boxes will be perfect for your merchandise. The packaging material is very important because if you choose something weak, the box will break. The product has to be kept in mind here, according to what it is, the material must be chosen. For example, if you are packaging a food item, it is important to select material that does not have harmful chemicals in it. These can go into the product making it unfit to consume. Custom size boxes should therefore keep the features of the product in mind. Popular material choices for custom packaging boxes that can package many different products include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are sturdy in nature. When it comes to cardboard, you can get it in the strength of your choice. Therefore, a box that will be perfect for the product is able to be chosen. When you select a box that is the wrong strength, it can break. It may be too light and the product heavy. This is why you have to choose the correct strength material as well.

Wrong size box

When you buy boxes in bulk and they break, it may be that they are the wrong size. Size is important when it comes to packaging because it ensures the safety of the merchandise. When you get custom size boxes that are too large, the products will move around inside. This is risky as they can easily break. Your brand will also be wasting money on packaging material that is not even needed. The box will be heavy as well. This will cost you more when it comes to transportation. If the box designs are made in such a way that they are really small, the box can break as well. Pressure of the product will be put against the box which can result in it breaking. This is why it is important to measure the product carefully and get a size that will be perfect for it. If you need to place filler material, make sure that there is space for this. Fragile items like products made of glass, require having filler material.

Wrong shape box

Another reason why custom packaging boxes can break is that they are the wrong shape. A brand may be excited to try out a new shape so that it stands out in front of the competition. This is a good idea but you need to make sure that the shape will not affect the safety of the item. Boxes Inc or your packaging supplier may be able to help you get the right shape box. Once again, your product has to be kept in mind here. Choose a shape that is simple to stack as well. Retailers will not be happy when custom size boxes are tough to stack. These can fall down resulting in the box and product getting damaged. When the shape of the box is not in sync with the product, the box can break.

Other ways to keep packaging safe

When figuring out the box designs, make sure to keep in mind the material, size, shape of the box if you want to get the best one. You can also include signs on packaging which help people know that something sensitive is inside the packaging. For example, you can include the “Fragile” sign or “Handle With Care” one. This will make people know that it is necessary to be careful when moving the box around. Design packaging in an attractive way so that it stands out as well. Know what details to include. You can get help from the packaging supplier like Boxes Inc for instance. From the above you can tell that it is important to focus on creating the most sturdy custom packaging boxes if you want them to be able to keep your product secure. Keep the features of the product in mind here. There are different style boxes that you can get. Make sure you choose the right one. For example, if you want it to be simple for people to hold the box, you can choose a gable one. This one has a handle.

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