Laptop buying guide

If you want to buy a laptop, the range is between 150 (used) and 4000 euros and more (for very high-end models). There are hundreds of models and references. It is therefore essential to know your needs to find the computer that will share your computer life for a while.

Many people think that buying a laptop is first and foremost about a budget. Starting from this characteristic will either cause you to spend more or not have the right computer for your specific use.

Choosing the best laptop is all about choosing the one that best meets your needs. For office use (word processing, spreadsheets, Internet browsing), any PC will do. You can find them for 300 or 400$. As you purchase at the discounted price thanks to the Gearbest promo codes you will need to know the best options for you now.

The Processor: Best Options for You

It is the heart of the system that coordinates the work of the various components. The more you ask the computer, the more powerful it must be. With an Intel i3 or i5, you will make the right choice.

Check the Graphics Circuit

All Intel & AMD processors have built-in graphics circuitry which is sufficient to perform basic tasks and play basic games. If you plan to perform heavier graphics tasks, such as image processing or video editing, opt for a laptop with a second graphics circuit (Nvidia or AMD) with dedicated memory. This configuration will also allow you to play some 3D games. Fans of the latest 3D games should look for high-end configurations specific to this hobby.

RAM Usage: What You need to Know

Plan enough from the start because not having enough can slow down the computer and it is often impossible to add more. 4 GB may be enough for office use, but with 8 GB of RAM, you can rest easy.

Classic laptop PC: a choice goes everywhere

The conventional laptops are those that can be used for many things: work, office, internet, video, picture, but they are neither touch nor hybrid, and cannot handle big games consumers of many resources.

This is the category of laptop PC that we are all familiar with and the first to appear after desktops in the late 90s. They are ideal for work or the internet and can most of the time be connected to an external display (either television or a larger computer screen).

Touchscreen Laptop: a not necessarily a wise choice

A new line of laptops has emerged recently and maybe an interesting choice: touchscreen laptops. On this type, it depends on the use that you will make. This is a category that we do not necessarily recommend if it is not accompanied by the possibility of transforming the computer into a tablet because the usage will be easier with a mouse and a keyboard.

2 in 1 hybrid laptop: a choice for the future

Hybrid laptop choices or You

This third possibility of choosing a laptop PC is in our opinion one of the most interesting because it allows the use of your computer either as a laptop or as a tablet.

The principle is simple: the screen part of the computer detaches from the keyboard part and turns into a touchpad. The advantage of this choice lies in the fact that you are still on Windows and not on Android which is not suitable for office automation, but also in the fact that you keep a large screen for a large reading space.

Many applications are now available under Windows and will allow you to use your laptop PC as a real digital tablet.

The downside of many models is weight. As it is the screen part that comes off, the computer components have been put in the screen part and not the keyboard as in a conventional laptop.

Gaming laptop (for games): the choice is yours

The last category of laptop PC is reserved for gamers to be able to play any PC game without their computer running out of resources and starting to row.

These computers generally have a very powerful graphics card, an HD or even 4K screen, an Intel core i7 processor, and have 6 to 16 GB of RAM memory to run the most demanding games.

Using your laptop in the Right Method

Once you have made your list and placed the criteria in the order of your priorities, you will be able to start looking for that rare gem. Remember that the second-hand market can also be a solution. I give you some advice below to choose your second-hand equipment.

Basically, if you need to do video editing, a good processor, fast storage media (SSD) and RAM will be important criteria. If you want to play, then the graphics card (GPU) will be fundamental data to take into account, you will find reviews of graphics cards for mobile on specialized sites. If you need autonomy, then you may have to ignore the previous criteria which are very energy-consuming unless you put in a very substantial budget.

If you need to transport your computer, choose its weight and storage in the form of SSDs that are much less fragile than hard drives. Also, remember to check the size of the charger which can compromise ease of mobility.

Remember to look at the onboard connections on the computer

When choosing your laptop, something that you can often forget to check is the onboard connectivity (USB, Network card, Sound card, external video output).

We have a lot of USB devices today, so do you have enough ports available? Even if USB hubs exist, they will still have to be transported.

The video output is also important because it will allow you to connect another monitor to your PC to achieve multi-screens, which is much more comfortable for working whether on a monitor at your home or even a TV with friends or in the hotels.

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