How to change the water with fish in the tank

How to change the water with fish in the tank

How to change the water with fish in the tank?

Changing the water in your fish tanks is something that you should do very often. Your aquatic pet animal has to stay in a clean environment, just like you take care of your other pets’ health and hygiene. Keeping fishes as a pet may not seem like a huge responsibility, like in other pets, but it is a huge responsibility. You have to take care of many things like feeding them regularly and keeping their tank clean so that they don’t die of toxicity and protect them from other animals in the house or children who might break the fish tank risking the life of your pet fishes.
Cleaning a fish tank is very easy and can be done by yourself, but you can have it done by professionals if you don’t want to do it. Later on, you can quickly learn how to do it yourself and clean it after the recommended intervals.

Advantage of changing the water in a fish tank

There are many advantages of cleaning water in fish tanks, and in fact, it is a necessity because if you don’t do it, it will affect your aquatic pet’s health. Following are some of the advantages of changing that water in the fish tank
Changing water is important for cleaning purposes. You have to get rid of all the fish waste that is piling up in the current water. Keeping that water for a prolonged time will be very unhygienic.
There trace elements present inside the water, which can change over time and lower the pH of water, which can harm the fish health and affect the biofilter bacteria, which reduces ammonia levels.
The piled-up debris will create a foul smell in the fish tank, making it even hard to go near it.
The piled-up gunk can also affect the pump in your aquarium.
If you don’t clean your water regularly, it will slowly start to deteriorate your pet’s aquarium as well.
So, these are all the benefits you get from changing the water in the fish tank, and that is more of a necessity if you want to take good care of your fishes and fish tank.

Equipment to Change Water

You can change the water very easily by using all the right equipment. Following are some of the equipment you will need to change the fish tank water
You will need a gravel vacuum cleaner to clean all the debris present at the bottom of the fish aquarium.
You also need the magnet to remove all the metal from the fish tank.
A thermometer is required so appropriate water temperature can be maintained.
A water testing kit will help you determine how clean the water is or whether it needs more filtration or change.
A bucket for carrying new filtered water is also needed.

Do Fish Need to be Removed?

Fishes are not needed to be removed when you are doing the regular change of waters. But if the water toxin levels have exceeded or the pH has changed abruptly, you need to do a full water change, and for that, you will have to remove the fish. The fishes need to be removed so that there isn’t any physical injury or stress for them.

How to prepare new water?

Preparing new water beforehand is very important for you. The best thing would be to do it a day before to have enough time to stabilize the water condition, and all the parameters are right according to your need. If you are using tap water, you will have to get rid of the chlorine in the water, and that can be done by using a water conditioner. The water conditioner will work overnight, and all the chlorine will be evaporated from the water. If the water’s pH is not according to the needs, a few changes should be made to stabilize water’s pH. Moreover, you have to make sure that the temperature of new water is not so high or low that it will create a drastic change in the fish tank water.

How to clear water and clean Tank?

After adding more clean water or the routine water changes or changing water completely, you will also have to clean the gravel or sand in your aquarium. You will need a siphon vacuum for cleaning the waste from such gravel or sand, a shovel-like vacuum is used to clean the gravel, but for sand, you have to make sure that the vacuum stays a little on top of the sand and is not touching it.
This way, you will clear out all the waste from the water but make sure it doesn’t disturb it. You should also be extremely careful when you have fish in your tank. Instead, you can add the stocking at the end of the vacuum to create a mesh that won’t allow the fish to pass through. But the mesh should be large enough to get rid of all the waste present onside the fish tank. You will also have to rinse the filter media in your aquatic tank, but you shouldn’t do it more frequently and only when it is needed the most.

How to clean equipment?

Cleaning the equipment is as important as cleaning the water. If the equipment and objects in your aquarium stay dirty, everything else will be useless. You have to take everything out to clean it properly. To clean the inside of the fish tank, you should use a magnet or algae pad. You should never use your sponges that are also readily being used in the kitchen because even a small amount of detergent will ruin your fish tank water for the fishes. Cleaning out filter media every once in a while is important, and you should avoid doing it very often as well.

How to add new water?

After everything has been cleaned out, you need to add more water to the fish tank; while filling the aquatic tank, you need to know that you should never fill the fish tank to the brim but instead leave some of the space. This way, the fishes will have enough oxygen to breathe and will make space for carbon dioxide. The water temperature should also be the same as the water present in your pet fish’s tank. Any drastic change of temperature in our fish tank will cause these fishes to die.

Final Steps

If you were cleaning your fish tank without fishes in it, now would be the time to add fish back to their fish tank water. Otherwise, you should pay attention to things like cleaning the outside of the tank. Your aquarium will never look clean if it’s not clear from the outside as well.

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