Software has become a key component of technology. Today in the digital world, software has become a very common part of our daily lives as well as business. A software company provides services related to software development, maintenance and publishing using various portals. Use the most successful business software as an integral part of their system. The software industry designs software that takes businesses to new heights. They create software that helps a company grow its sales and services. Software developed by companies to strengthen customer relationships provides a platform for customers to have easy access to service providers. Feedback software has been created that helps build a strong customer relationship. The software business in Bangladesh is just being upgraded.

There are some top software farms that are being created nowadays. There are some software firms which are discussed below. The serial numbers of these top farms do not indicate their location. These are common random numbers.

BCI Technosys Limited: 

According to the best information technology services, BCI Technosys Limited is the best software development company in Bangladesh. And their services are unique and trustworthy.

And they try to give their best. So this company is at the top of our list of the best software development companies in Bangladesh.

BCI Technosys provides two main types of services. First, a web development that integrates the best quality web design. And website support, social media networking programs, development, mobile apps development, custom software development companies, school management systems, e-commerce websites, service websites, all software products, advertising as CMS solutions, e-mail marketing services. Leading web hosting services and domain registration services. Another is the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

BCI Technosys provides modern and unique web technology solutions. The subject technology staff is very hardworking. Because of them, BCI Technosis can provide the best service today.

So the employees of any company have to be hardworking and good. Because of the employees, the company BCI is one of the best and award-winning companies in Bangladesh today.

Matrix Outsourcing Solutions:

So if you are looking for the best software and web development IT training company, then Matrix Outsourcing solution is best for you. The staff at this company is very hardworking.

Matrix Outsourcing has been providing web services for over 2 years, providing matrix outsourcing solutions such as e-commerce and news portal website development, domain registration affordable Big Ghosting WordPress hosting reseller hosting private hosting services.

In addition to Matrix Outsourcing Web Services, SCO, Social Media Marketing, Article Writing, IT Support, Web Application Development, Video Training, Mr. Lal Singh, etc., provide services in Bangladesh as well as abroad.

So this company is growing very fast. And their services are amazing. So now this company is the best software company for making software.

Md. Tasnim Alam Shahin is the CEO and founder of Matrix Outsourcing Solutions. This company was started in 2012.

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd

One of the coup software farms is Dream71 Bangladesh Limited. Their main goal is to development of mobile applications, software and games. Their tagline is “If everyone moves forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. One of the leading software, web application development, mobile application and game development companies in Bangladesh aimed at setting a new standard in the age of software technology. One of the most prominent and up-to-date companies dealing with software and IT issues. Initially, it was established in 2014 with the aim of making a mark in the fast-growing software and gaming industry of the country. In a very short span of time, Dream71 Bangladesh has started attracting the attention of the general public by improving its quality services and has started to emerge as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh.

Game Development 80%, Web Development 90%, App Development 90%, Digital Marketing 85%.

Magnito Digital

Magnito Digital is one of the leading digital agency in Bangladesh. They have worked with the largest clients in Bangladesh and created leading brands in the digital space.

Magnito Digital is the largest leading digital agency in Bangladesh, with more than 60 people. They are renowned for their unconventional company culture. Their experience and huge setup allow us to provide an unparalleled level of service. They have worked with the largest clients in Bangladesh and created leading brands in the digital space. Solving problems by combining creative strategies with data, content and technology is on their bloodline. Their core strength is developing and deploying meaningful digital content to engage with the right audience. They have become a specialized go-to agency with a proven track record for managing large-scale digital products and services. As one of the most award-winning digital agencies in Bangladesh, Magnito Digital has won gold in the ‘Rest of South Asia’ category for ‘Campaign Asia-Pacific: Digital Agency of the Year 2015’.

The latest accumulation to their digital mix is ​​Magnito Labs, their exciting innovation funnel. Magnito Labs uses its agency business knowledge, expertise, and network to partner with internal or external stakeholders to create powerful technological products. They then lead these innovations in the right direction through their active involvement in the startup community in Bangladesh. They believe that technology and innovation will drive the sustainable growth of Magnito Digital in the coming years.


Newscred has a mission to make marketing better for everyone. They split their digital marketing into two. Such as a) Content Marketing b) Integrated Marketing.

Run integrated, all-channel marketing campaigns, bringing teams together in a single workspace to plan and execute campaigns across markets and business lines. Deep analytical insights enable marketing companies to work as a whole team and improve operational skills to maximize content impact and ultimately increase marketing attribute revenue.

Running a content marketing program worldwide can be complicated- with overlapping deadlines without slid agencies, countless workstreams, and no obvious way to prove success. Newscred’s advanced technology reduces pain by streamlining content creation and distribution, measuring performance, and surfacing predictive insights to improve the content that enhances business results.

South Tech Ltd

South Tech Limited is the largest ISO 9001: 2005 certified (by URS, UK) and SEI-CMMI L-3 rated (by KPMG) software company in Bangladesh. In the span of 23 years, the group has achieved tremendous growth and perfection, which has finally spread its footprint outside Bangladesh. Currently, the group consists of 6 companies in 5 countries.

Southtech has enterprise and financial software solutions for MFIs, banks, hospitals, NBFIs, MFBs, large multi-branch retailers, recruitment agencies and restaurants. Southtech’s main customers in the financial sector are Bhutan Development Bank, Pact Global Microfinance Fund and BRAC. Southtech’s ERP solution ensures client data security and integrity by allowing smooth data access to multiple functions used by different business units of an organization. They are designed to meet the different needs of businesses in different industries. 


Data Soft is mentioned as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh.

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited is the first software company in Bangladesh to be registered as CMMI Level 5 Software Development Company.

Only ** 377 companies worldwide have been recognized as CMMI Level 5 companies. Recognized as a CMMI Level 3 company since 2009, They has always been at the forefront of its game compared to other local firms. On April 24, 2014, They started their journey as a CMMI Level 5 company and with it, it ushered in a new era in the IT industry of the country.

Their mission is-

A) Maintain a leading software solution provider ensuring customer, shareholder and employee benefits

B) The development, promotion and exploitation of the extraordinary experience, skills and knowledge of all our people

C) Development of a distinct skill in process development and project management.

LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd  

LeadSoft is a leading software development company providing custom software development, software products, offshore software development, professional outsourcing, and software consulting. Providing ISV and SME services covering the banking sector, non-banking financial, life insurance, pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1999, Leedsoft Bangladesh Limited has been providing software products and services to over 100 clients on 500+ sites in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark and Norway. LeadSoft achieves prestigious CMMI Level 3 recognition. Their dedication to quality has managed to achieve their CMMI Level 5. They believe that this achievement means that their organization has also reached a higher level. LeadSoft is also an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

Enjoy a high level of expertise in the Microsoft suite of LeadSoft technology, especially around Microsoft.NET. They have successfully completed software development projects on distributed, desktop and web platforms for a wide range of clients using Microsoft .NET technology. LeadSoft is a subsidiary of LEADS (, a leading IT solutions provider in Bangladesh.

REVE Systems

REVE systems began in 2003 with a focused approach to serving the IP-based communications industry.

They are a privately owned company providing software solutions for the global telephony and IP telephony industry. The company was formed in 2003 and has been headquartered in Singapore since 2008. It operates in more than 78 countries and employs more than 1000 employees.

The first software REVE system was developed to be an automated billing solution for VoIP calls that was officially launched in 2005 under the name “iTel Billing.” 14, 2009, REVE Systems opens its new office in India. Sanjit Chatterjee took charge of the operation in India. In February 2010, REVE launched a billing solution – “iTel Switch Plus” – a switching platform with integrated billing. It also develops products ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware. Since 2015, REVE System has been working extensively with e-Governance to provide services to the Government of Bangladesh.

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