Best mountain bike under 600

1 Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike


The Mongoose dolomite men’s fat tire mountain bike is for clean and comfortable rides, and the Mongoose Dolomite is one of the best mountain bikes under 600. It has many impressive riding features and reputed mountain bike ratings over many others, making it an extremely functional bicycle.

It is quite simply a beast that quickly conquers off-road trails. Whether you are riding on a soft sandy beach, in the snow, in bad weather, or on a hard-surfaced road, the slick tires let you enjoy your ride with this bike. 

It comes with seven speeds, which you can choose according to the terrain, making it easier and more pleasant to climb and descend straight slopes. The gear shifter is elegant and precise, mainly because it comes with twist style shifters. And the fact that the drivetrain is from Shimano makes it even more enjoyable.

This bike has a cruiser-style frame that happens to be attractive. This design also improves performance. Since there’s no suspension, the frame design is also responsible for its comfort. The 17-inch high-strength steel material makes it one of the most robust bikes on the market today.

You will find very efficient and powerful dual mechanized disc brakes used in this best beginner mountain bike under 600. That means you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your braking when riding at high speeds. Stopping action is satisfactory in all weather conditions.

2 GTM 26″ 7 Speed Folding Mountain Bike


If you seek a high-quality mountain bike, you may try the Gtm 26″ 7-speed folding mountain bike.

It features a more robust frame and suspension fork, which means it’s sturdy and will allow you to ride smoothly. This mountain bike comes with a Shimano 7-speed gear and derailleur for comfortable shifting.

This bike has been designed with a changeable seat height and handlebars to modify it to fit your requirements. It is for seven years and older bikers.

It is suitable for people who have a minimum of storage space. It folds effortlessly, making it easier to store without taking up much space. When folded into a portable format, you can also make sure it stays in the case of your car when you travel.

The bike needs a primary assembly, but it’s easy to assemble, and you can set it up in a few minutes. This bike includes pedals and almost everything you need.

3 Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is a 26-inch women’s single-speed cruiser bike. It attracts attention for the color and the gorgeous look.

This mid-priced mountain bike with vintage beach cruiser model with curved lines has a sturdy 17-inch steel frame and aluminum wheels. It is suitable for sizes from 5 to 6 feet.

It would look perfect if you could get the right color personally from 18 different frame colors. However, they do not provide all colors for all frame sizes.

The extra-wide saddle and wide handlebar with silicone grip help make the ride comfortable without a doubt. Its back-pedal brake allows you to stop immediately.

This bike comes with three speeds; you may find some differences in one of them. However, the single-speed is for everyday rides.

It comes with coaster brakes and many color variations. On the other hand, the 3-speed and 7-speeds have much fewer color options. 

You can climb a hill very swiftly with a three-speed, but you should have seven-speed if you want to do some intense riding.

5 Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike


Schwinn Traxion mountain bike is an advanced mountain bike that offers a better grip and is hard enough to handle rough terrain. It is lightweight and sturdy and absorbs any bumps along the way. Thus all its features make it easier to ride around and present it as one of the top mountain bikes under 600.

The bike features an aluminum dual-suspension frame and an excellent suspension fork. The dual alloy rims attached with the thick and knobby tires enhance the durability of the bike.

The strong alloy cranks give you reliable gearing and less maintenance. Its Shimano EZ-flame 24-speed front and rear gear shifters help to manage effortless speed and gear adjustments.

This mountain bike comes with high-performance disc brakes that ensure smooth stopping ability.

If you want to upgrade your old bike or search to buy your first bike, You may get the Schwinn Traxion mountain bike.

6 Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike


The Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike is a very well-known bike to every rider. Even though one of the mid-priced mountain bikes, this bike portrays a dream bike that most people think of when they learn the expression “mountain bike.”

The riders get some best features of other mountain bikes with Schwinn bonafide mountain bike at a very slightly above average price. This bike comes with 29-inch wheels, for starters, offering a much better attacking perspective rolling on objects for more comfortable riding. 

You’ll enjoy the benefits of shock absorption in hand and arms using its front suspension when you take this bike on more challenging terrain. But you’ll find more uses by improving the potential since it’s a hardtail.

The disc brakes at the Schwinn bonafide mountain bike’s front and rear wheels combine low routine maintenance with increased functionality, and they are technical with high performance but help keep the price down.

This mountain bike’s reliable gearing tools complement Protocol 1.0 with 3×8 gearing originated from the Shimano EZ- fire trigger changer and Shimano derailleur.

7 26″ Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike, Black


The Mongoose is one of the best mountain bikes under 650, featuring the most high-performance MTBs on this list. When you choose the best model, it will cost you a little bit, but this bike can undoubtedly make your best ride your own home. The Mongoose came to market in the mid-’70s, and like many other famous mountain bike companies, it all started with BMX.

The Mongoose Blackcomb comes with Shimano accessories, allowing fast gear adjustments and expected gearing speeds on dense terrains. Its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes give tremendous stopping capacity, and its robust rotors enable you to have total control and avoid energy in most trails.

8 Merax 26 Mountain bike


If you’re looking for the right bike for your use and at a reasonable price, this 26-inch Merax Finiss mountain bike may be an excellent choice for your needs. Merax has used superior materials to guarantee quality. 

This bike is very reasonable and cheap, but Merax hasn’t negotiated on the bike’s quality. That’s why you will undoubtedly get the best quality bike at this price. 

This mountain bike offers a higher number of gears. The 26-inch Merax Finiss mountain bike features Shimano speed components and an elegant gear shifter with an optimum speed of 21.

The latest version of your reliable disc brake installed in the front and rear wheels promotes maximum protection. The strong disc brake of the Merax 26″ mountain bicycle gives you more powerful guidance feelings if you ride fast.

However, the hard disc brake should be realigned a little more immediately after its use for more effective service. You can also expect to have a cage befitting for a water bottle with this particular bike.

The 26-inch aluminum Merax Finiss mountain bike’s design draws incredible appeal, and you could get it in a few distinct and charming colors. The colors are grey and green, white and red, and black and red.

This bike is the cheapest in the range and one of the top 10 mountain bikes under 600. If you are a beginner, this bike is perfect for you.

9 Merax FT323 Mountain Bike 21 Speed


The Merax brand name is in itself a favorite name among all mountain bikers. Merax has become the premium manufacturer of the best mountain bikes under $300 that offer exceptional entry-level performance.

The Merax FT323 MTB offers a full suspension with a 21-speed gears program to help provide exceptional speed control on the toughest of trails.

All the mountain bikers express their complete satisfaction with the Merax FT323’s exceptional suspension and powerful complex disc brakes tools. Aluminum rims and new 21-speed gear shift technology allow all young riders to enjoy the fun of fast mountain biking fully.

10 Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike


If you are one of those cyclists who like to get off the road every time they ride, this Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike will probably be a good deal for you. This best 29er mountain bike under 600 bike is almost as good as the Diamondback Overdrive 29r. Still, the distinction is that Vilano is a hardtail bike, not a complete suspension bike; its aluminum frame is so less heavy than the other bikes offered online.

The comfort and athletic ride Vilano blackjack bike offers are merely incredible. Riding this mountain bike model is considered by mountain bike reviews under 600 as the most fun you can have riding a two-wheeler at any time.

Vilano blackjack 3.0 29er hardtail mountain bike exclusively tends to dedicate to those who move over trails at 20 speeds. It gives you the best performance in less than 6OO dollars.

11 Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike,


The Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike is genuinely a fantastic mountain bike for beginners. It features a 26-inch 6061 aluminum full-suspension frame that uses a soaring beam suspension design linked to a suspension fork of 65mm speed. This MTB also comes with 26-inch dual-walled alloy wheels with 36 spokes supporting power and strength. The bike is available in flat grey with black, blue, and white.

This touring MTB also offers Tourney rear derailleurs and Shimano 21 gears. The front disc brakes and linear-pull brakes in the back supply sufficient stopping capacity. The disc brakes transfer the braking surface to the outside of the rim in a rotor, while the linear-pull brakes are a side-pull version of the cantilever brakes and mount on the same frame managers. Linear or V-brakes are a popular brake style, but disc brakes enable the rider to use much less pressure on the handle just before the bike stops.

The Kent KZ2600 mountain bike is not difficult to build yourself. Just plug in the quick-release seat post clamp and handlebars, then connect the pedals and front wheel.

Many buyers consider this mountain bike to be reputable, sturdy, and very low-priced. The average standard level of all parts is not really the best quality, but they are helpful and work well for such a price. 

12 Eurobike TSM G7 Folding mountain bike


This folding bike’s model is 27.5 inches compared to the regular size of 26 inches for the others. That means it’s 50% more portable when flattened and twice as exciting on the road.

The Eurobike TSM G7 is a folding MTB bike of efficient formation, with a surviving steel frame and extra-large diameter disc brakes to supply you the braking strength you want.

The suspension front fork offers an excellent riding experience.

13 Eurobike Mountain bike


If you’re looking for a bike for mountain riding, take a look at this 21-speed Eurobike mountain bicycle that comes with a Shimano gear facility.

This foldable bike with double suspension ensures that you can bounce over lands and rocks without losing control. The mountain bike has front and rear disc brakes. This stunning braking system empowers you with excellent braking capability in wet or dirty conditions.

The 26-inch wheels are beneficial while folding the bike down. You will also like the simple, fast release folding instrument for a quick launch, which takes a few seconds, so the bike is easy to organize. 

However, the 26-inch wheel size’s minus side is that the bike will not match people measuring about 5’9″ tall.

This bike comes with a Shimano 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, which allows you to have enough gears to go up and downhills. The stainless steel folding frame may be a little heavy, but it will reduce your bike’s cost and ensure a longer life.

14 Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike


Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is an outstanding choice for beginners. It comes with double suspension, a sophisticated aluminum frame, and a 24-speed gear unit.

The frame consists of lightweight hydroformed aluminum, which increases its average performance and permanency strength. This frame can also hold a natural bodyweight.

Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike acquires a Tektro Novela disc brake, considered the best of all braking techniques, which offers quick stopping ability in almost all weather conditions secures the rider’s safety.

The Gravity SFX is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and multi-purpose bikes on the sports market today, used by XC riders and potential racers. The SFX 2.0 benefits from some geometric modifications and innovative specifications that make it lighter and faster on the trails.

The benefits provided from this bike for the non-challenger bikers are incredibly numerous. This mountain bike changes a typical day tour into an extraordinary experience for them. The Gravity FSX 2.0 assembles some distinctive features that make the bike the best for riding. Either way, you can get this bike for travel, exercise, or fun.

The choice you have in this particular mountain bike is merely outstanding. It can adapt to everyone’s size in a rather pleasant way.

Although it costs comparatively less than many other mountain bikes, it doesn’t negotiate the essential features like gear shifting, excellent comfort, full suspension, average speed control. 

If you’re new to mountain biking, Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Suspension MTB is undoubtedly the best choice for you. However, it’s not a wrong choice for medium-level riders as well. It would be best if you had this bike for its firm materials and sustainable primary parts.

15 Vilano 26″ Mountain bike


If you’re one of the cyclists who choose to ride off-road every time they ride, the Vilano Hardtail Mountain Bike 26-inch wheels will probably be a real help for you.

This mountain bike is comparable to the Diamondback Recoil 29er, although the difference is that the Vilano is a hardtail bike without full suspension. It consists of a high-quality aluminum frame, and the bike is lighter than other bikes available in the market.

The comfort and athletic ride that this MTB bike provides are fantastic! Riding This type of version of a mountain bike continues to create the best feeling for you to taste on riding a two-wheeler.

Vilano hardtail mountain bike is for serious riders who like to control more than trail areas with 24-speed gear. It offers you the most reliable performance an MTB can provide at any time at this of $600.

16 Reaction ICO-SH Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Silver


When you buy a mountain bike that is less than 600, it is essential to look at many features to help you get a quality bike.

The main factors you should work on in your brain include performance, design and type, braking efficiency, and the gear changer process.

The Reaction Mountain Bike is a full-suspension mountain bike with excellent access and standard size to fit the highest number of riders. The bike is equipped with front shock absorbers and high-quality coil-over rear suspension to give you a stylish ride on any terrain.

The bike’s frame consists of Hi-Tensile steel, challenging and robust material, and doesn’t add much weight to the cycle. You can count on this bike to provide you with durability and comfort for a long time.

The bike comes with 18-speed gear shifters to allow you to change gears with confidence. Thus it helps you stay in control of your bike while riding. You have to put some pieces of equipment together after you receive the bike. It’s easy to assemble those parts if you follow the instructions provided.

17 Mongoose 2.4 men and women MTB, 27.5-inch wheels, 21 speeds, aluminum frame, double suspension, azure steel


Stylish mountain bikers appreciate the Mongoose 2.4 a lot; it is a full-suspension bike that is readily available for just under $600. 

The smooth, flat red color makes these bikes much more excellent. If you ride this bike for any ride, everyone’s mind will shift in the direction of your ride. If you’re a mid-size full-suspension MTB rider, this bike is definitely for you.

It’s available in one size only, 18 inches, which means it offers limited-size for bikers.

Children will also find this mountain bike bigger in size to them. Mongoose 2.4 men and women MTB is best for bikers between 5 feet 3 inches. 

18 Trek Marlin 5

Trek Marlin 5 is a modern and fantastic mountain bike that dazzles you with its look and beauty. It comes with Mind-blowing color combinations of orange/grey lithium, dark- aquatic/trek black, and trek black/lithium grey.

The lightweight aluminum frame is super solid and durable. It is ideal for fast downhill riding and good enough for residential use; the gear transfer and brake cable connections are classic to help keep the bike up to date. The frame is also free of corrosion and can therefore stay cleaned without any problem.

The suspension fork gives high level-beating and helps to maintain an elegant ride. The saddle is also variable in height and ergonomics. The 21-speed transmission offers numerous gear changing opportunities, and the hydraulic disc brakes ensure quick and effortless stops. Trek Marlin 5 is an excellent option for you to choose.

What are the best mountain bike brands under 600?

There are several good brands available currently on the market. Below we have listed some of them dominating the best mountain bike market worldwide; Schwinn, Mongoose, Firmstrong, Eurobike, and Vilano. 

What is the best mountain bike under 600?

This article presents all the best mountain bikes under 600 dollars. However, if you are a starter and highly passionate, we suggest you begin your experience with 6 SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike. 


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