As A Dog Food Advisor I Ranked 10 Best Dog Foods For You

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Today, we will be talking about Best Dog Foods for our dogs,  and I will be Your Dog Food Advisor. We will be talking about quality and price and where I rank them. Also, the types of mixes I do to make sure that they become economical in my yard. Now, for the most part, I like to feed raw, but there are times, especially in wintertime, that I will go ahead and provide Kibble. It adds fat to your dog. It helps them fill out well during the cold weather. Keep in mind; dogs have a metabolism that’s seven times faster than most humans, so they can gain and lose weight relatively quickly, especially when it’s cold because it takes the body.

Victor Puppy Food

The first Kibble that I want to talk to you about is Victor’s puppy food and Victor’s food in general. These are the Kibble that I used when I first started as a breeder. And I’m going to tell you it did wonders for my dogs at the time. It fills them out nicely. It brings good nutrition, and it has good, dense calories in there. The drawback for Victor, in my opinion, is the price you’re looking at 44 to 47, roughly for a 44-pound bag. And all in all, my dogs go through that rather quickly. But all in all, I do feel that that’s one of the best dog food out there.

Sports Mix

Here we found the number two Kibble that I recommend as a dog food advisor is sports mix. Believe it or not, it’s one of the cheaper best dog food out there, but it’s pretty good. It’s not as good as Victor. I’m not going to rate it as high, but it serves its purpose for the price—$ 25 a bag for a 44-pound bag of sports mix. And what I usually do is go ahead and buy a Victor bag and a sports mix bag. I mix them, and this is what I feed my dogs. It actually brings that Victor price down, and it truly elevates the quality of the overall food from sports mix to Victor, and it gets you somewhere in the middle, and that way, it becomes economical.

Diamond Dog Food

Here comes our third one that I like to recommend as your Dog Food Advisor none other than Diamond Dog Food. We’ve also used it from its very inception. I always preferred Victor because the poop was a lot easier to clean up, at least in our kettle. Diamond brings some nutrients along. I’ve seen dogs thrive on the diamond. It would be my number three solely because Victor’s proof is more formed. Sports mix poop, in my opinion, is a lot more formed for some reason on a diamond. My dog’s poop is a little bit mushier, if you will, and therefore it just becomes a little harder for me to clean up.

But it’s very nutritious—the price of a diamond. I have seen it fluctuate lately from between 37 and 35. But again, it’s number three on our list for a reason, and it could get a little messy.

Blue Buffalo

Number four on our list is blue Buffalo. Now, I tried blue Buffalo once for a month on my dogs. If you’re a serious breeder and you’re out here, you need to experiment. You need to figure things out to see what works and what doesn’t work in your yard. Blue Buffalo worked. But a while back, I saw a couple of recalls or whatnot. I read some news about it, so I shot away from it a bit. But all in all, for the $38 price. It’s among the top best dog food brands available.


The fifth item of our top five list is the most affordable dog food options available. But I do have to put a disclosure next to it. I don’t feed this exclusively. I do mix it with my Victor or my sports mix. Okay, preferably with Victor. And it’s called Retriever. That’s the brand, and it’s high retriever protein. They sell it for 1999, a 52-pound bag at tractor supply. And like I said, you’re able to mix it brings the cost down on your Victor, and it also improves the quality of the dog food you’re getting.

Again, this type of Kibble. I usually like to give it in cold weather months because it brings a lot of carbohydrates into the dog. The dog can cope with it better during the winter months than it will in the summer months. I will, under no circumstance, give this to my dogs during the summer. And as a dog food advisor, recommend you to give it also during summer.

Retriever For Health

So again, retriever number six on my list is for health. You’re able to get this in tractor supply. It’s the tractor supply brand. Okay, I would have rated this particular dog food a lot higher if it wasn’t for the price; at least in my tractor supply, you can get a 44-pound bag anywhere between $42 and $48, depending on which particular formula you’re getting. Again, I feel that its quality does not substantiate the price, and therefore we have it rated as number six.

But all in all, it is good nutritious food for your dog. We did notice that our dog’s allergies went down with this food. Maybe it’s the reason why they raised the price to where they have. Again, it’s one of those things you need to try out. But as far as bang for your buck and improvement for your account, number seven on my list, it’s going to surprise you.

Taste of the wild

I tried it out here in my yard for about two or three weeks. For whatever reason, it just made my dog stool very loose. They never necessarily overcame that. And therefore, that’s why I discontinued it. Also the price at 48. $99. That’s almost $50 a pop. I don’t know. I didn’t see the benefit outweighed the cost, nor did it balance out. So this is why I have it rated at number seven. Now, I have mixed Taste of the Wild with Victor in the past, and I’ve had some decent results. But again, do you want to spend $50 on a portion of food that you have to mix with something else to feed your dogs? This is what happened in my yard.


Number eight on our list is pedigree. Now, pedigree is one of the lower-brand dog foods. Pedigree adults come in a yellow bag. They often give you an extra four, five, £6 of dog food again, exclusively. I would never feed that to my dog, but I will go ahead and mix it with something like Victor or even Sports mix, for that matter. This would be food that I would only use to fatten up my dogs during the wintertime. Outside of that, I wouldn’t. Also, it makes your dogs poop a little bit right now.

Sports Mix K Nine

Number nine on our list is Sports Mix K Nine. Next, not to be confused with the Sports Mix black bag 24 20, which is the one I spoke of that’s ranked number two. Okay, sports Mix K Nine X, in my opinion, is way too high in protein, way too high in protein for my taste. It got to the point that my dogs first started getting brittle.

You don’t want to give that to one of your pups because, like I’ve spoken of before, about knuckling over, you could cause their tendons and whatnot to underdevelop and therefore create a problem that you might not even have to begin with again. And, of course, the price associated with it. I find it way too much, but that particular food does have its use now; if you were to get that with that much high protein, maybe mix it with something that’s a lot less protein.

Purina Doc Chow

Your dog food advisor will recommend last one and it Is Purina Doc Chow. Hey, you can’t beat it. 23. 98, $23 if you get it at Walmart successfully. It’s a food you can mix with, say something of higher quality. Like, say, Victor, it’s going to fill your dogs up. It’s going to thicken them up, make them a little bigger so they can handle the cold weather better. And also, it’s going to help you with the price. It’s going to bring that picture dog food price down, and it’s going to raise a bit more.

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