7 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Sofa

Thinking to buy a new sofa for your home! Fret not; we have got a list of sofa buying advice for you that will help you take the right decision. Read on and have a safe buy.

A Sofa is like that piece of furniture in your living room which not only takes the maximum space but also anchors the aesthetics of the room. It can actually make or break the whole look of the room. Sofa once invested stays on for years, so it is important to nail that one perfect piece which is the optimum mix of quality, size, style, design etc. There are endless parameters to a perfect sofa and it is difficult to meet them all, so you need to prioritize your requirement and freeze the one that suits you the most.

1. Size — One of the most important parameters is buying the right size sofa and the size of the room is an important consideration to make while taking this decision. An ideal piece should be in tandem with the size of the room. Neither too overpowering nor too congesting, leaving enough space to move around. So, take the measurement of the sofa you are considering and proportionate it to the overall size of the room and then take a decision.

2. Use — Next important parameter is the use of Sofa you are going to put to. Are you looking for a lounge-worthy sofa for an entertainment room or a comfortable one for a living room or a basic armchair one for your bedroom? Decide and act. How many people are going to use it is another thing to consider as they are available as 3-seaters, 2-seaters, sofa beds, love seats or corner seats. You can go for an L-shaped sofa or a sofa with a bench cushion if it is expected to be used for many and a love seat if it is expected to be used just for two lovebirds.

3. Shape/ Style — Since the sofa defines your room, it is important to choose a shape and style that complements the rest of the decor and suits your lifestyle as well. While a sofa with clean lines, simple feel and minimalist design is a good choice for a modern look, an elaborate styled sofa is good for an aristocratic look and carved sofas make a good fit for a traditional or vintage look. Consider other things like the arm style, the leg style, the cushion style and the back style as well. Rolled arms, straight arms, Steel legs, Ornate wood legs, traditional look or modern look, choose what works best for you.

4. Comfort

While looking for that perfect style and shape, please for god’s sake, don’t compromise on the comfort of the sofa. Any highly priced stylish sofa with sleek features is of no good if it is not comfortable. If you decide to make way with such a piece, you will never be able to use it the way you intended and you would finally repent on your decision once you realize what a waste it has turned out to be.

5. Fabric/ Upholstery

The colorucolor and the fabric of the Upholstery of the sofa would ideally depend on your lifestyle. If leather is classy, low on maintenance and known for its longevity, synthetic fabrics are more for being colorfast, cleanable and durable. On the other hand, fabrics like velvet, satin, brocade or silk lend an element of aristocracy and elegance but are high on maintenance and should be considered only for grown-up sophisticated spaces. Whatever you wish to decide, first ask for a sample of the fabric so that you can match it with the other furniture pieces, drapes and walls at home before you buy.

Similarly, colorucolor of the Sofa is another important criteria. Neutral undoubtedly seems fashionable and versatile but not a practical choice when you have kids or pets at home whereas dark colors with a subtle overall pattern or textured fabric are good to make a bold statement and would help show less of wear and tear. To sum it up, high maintenance fabric and light subtle colors should be avoided if the Sofa is a daily used thing at your home.

6. Quality/ Filling

A Sofa is something you don’t spend on daily. It is that one-time investment that pays you for years to come. So, quality should be your top-most concern while buying a sofa. Even if it requires extending your budget a bit to buy a good quality , it should be done. A poor quality sofa might lose on its shape and comfort soon. So, the workmanship of the sofa becomes extremely important here. A good quality sofa is expected to be solid and heavy because of its sturdy frame. The frame and all the corners must be well padded and constructed of kiln-dried hardwood free from knots. The legs should be a part of the frame and not just screwed on. If running your hand at the back and tapping along the length of the sofa feels hollow or you are able to feel the frame through the padding, it is a matter of concern. The cushion shouldn’t be too hard and should take its shape back when you sit and not curve up. The arms must not rattle either. A good-looking sofa might look inviting but mightn’t turn out to be good to sit on.

7. Cost

To top it all is the money you can spend on your purchase. So, mark your budget first and then see what all best you can do to get the maximum out of your spend.

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